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Roger Engle






Roger Engle was born and raised in a small town located in eastern Indiana. Growing up in the 1960's, he first discovered his passion for the guitar after hearing cantina music being played on his favorite western television shows. At the age of 13, Roger got his first job working in an Italian restaurant and used his own hard earned money to purchase his first guitar. After the purchase of his guitar, his passion and natural ability shone through as he taught himself to play.      


As a young man, Roger left Indiana and drove across the country to see California. Upon his arrival, he discovered Tehachapi, instantly fell in love, and became a permanent resident. During this time, Roger continued to practice music in his spare time but put his main focus toward raising his three children and building a business from the ground up.  


Now that his children are grown, Roger has redirected his focus back to guitar. With his years of experience, he has acquired a deep appreciation for the nylon string guitar and has developed his own unique approach, a modern interpretation of jazz coupled with a new flamenco sound. Roger is also known by some as his persona "The American Spaniard" a self described evolved style. 





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